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Its my second so called composition :)

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Just want to hear opinions and corrections on my work i know there is a lot i made bad/wrong :D
Its just by ear and no theory involved at all. 

Thanks have a great day all 

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Every instrument on its own is very nice.. but together, they conflict a little bit. It's awkward for the first few listens, but it's not bad, just fine tuning the instruments to match each other would do much more than expected.

In detail:
0:00 --> 0:14 Great intro, suits a game menu background music
0:14 --> 0:24 That got loud.. Is it going emotional? Ok..
0:24 --> 0:49 Feels a little evil, but blends in as it goes on
0:49 --> 1:11 Blending in very well, but the awkward intro took out the atmosphere
1:11 --> 1:57 I love this part! There are some very tiny errors in timing, but it could be taste-wise for me, might sound good for someone else.
1:57 --> 2:52 Awkward stop, feels like it turned into another composition. Lost the atmosphere here.
2:52 --> 4:00  The sounds just don't mix together for me. The high-pitch instrument is my least favorite. Ending happened a bit too quick.

Good job overall though, for a second composition, you can be very good later on!

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