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Many of you may know me as a former administrator on Young Composers (4 to 5 years ago, to be exact). I am now the founder and owner of a fresh online radio station. The mission of our station is the promotion of modern classical music by today's new and emerging composers (including yourselves.) Our station recently completed a call for works that have netted over 6000 live recordings from composers all over the world. 

As part of our development, we are looking for catchy, innovative, and appropriate jingles to fit our broadcast lineup. Thus, we turn to the next generation of composers - you!


1. Can be for any instrumentation

2. Must be either a realistic rendering or live.

3. Must be between 30 secs to 1 minute in length.

4. Must incorporate the words Et Lux Radio (either spoken or sung)

5. Must be original music.

We are looking for 3 different jingles of varying styles! Each of the three jingles will be rewarded with incorporation into our broadcast lineup, mention on our FB page, and possible cash prizes soon to be determined and announced.

NOTE: This competition is only open to members of the YC forum. I will be viewing entrants profiles to insure steady activity within the forum -so please DO NOT create a member profile just to enter, your work will not be selected.

Thanks and Good LUCK!

-Jason A Woodruff, Founder -Et Lux Radio

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The most important step in becoming a jingle writer is to learn songwriting and composing skills. One part of working as a jingle writer that can be important is to understand the technological aspects of music. Since most best jingles writers work independently and sell their songs on a freelance basis, learning entrepreneur skills is an important step in being a professional jingle writer.

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