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The hope of spitfire

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There are times through-out the piece where the percussion seems a little over powering and some points where maybe levels could be tweaked a little.

Apart from these small potential adjustments though the composition sounds solid to me.

Good Work! 

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Beautiful melodies and accompaniments!

The chord progressions are powerful and they sometimes remind me of minimal music due to the accompanying patern in the strings. In this case this passage does not bore me. In fact, it improves the density of the composition.

The melodies are really epic, which is mainly caused by choosing the horn to play the melody.

The choir is excellent. Actually, I think the percussion is not over-powered at all. Maybe you can add some other percussion instruments instead of solely drums. Maybe some cymbals, a triangle, a tam-tam or (wind) chimes.

Tu as fait du bon travail! 

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Thank you for your return

For percussion, several people have told me that it was too strong I will better control the percussion on the next composition.

The problem of cymbals, a triangle, a tam-tam or (wind) chimes. is that I have not yet buy the good vst for percussion so I do with what I have
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