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Morning Waves

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This sounds almost though it was improvised. The notes are kind of uneven and the chord progression doesn't always fit the patterns you've already established. 
I - I phrase chord progressions are almost always awkward in C major. It doesn't really help that you have a tendency to throw in dissonances where none are really necessary and it throws off the power of those kinds of moments. Suspensions in here also seem to be less effective if something resolved from a 13th or 7th, especially with added dissonance. 

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I like the atmospherical development in this piece as well as the melodic variation. I noticed some unnecessary detached notes (e.g at the beginning, the first pickup was too short and should be connected to the rest of the piece).
0:2: Unnecessary E (left hand). F should fix it. It should be immediately followed by a G major chord, rather than a D minor chord, since the primary melody note in this case is G. There are some other slightly awkward harmonies. Since they don't sound too awkward, I wonder if they're intentional or not.
0:6 and 0:26: F does not fit with C major chord. Could be fixed with D minor chord, perhaps. Again, I don't know if this was intended or not.
0:11 and 0:29: E does not fit with G major chord
0:15: playing mistake. E in left hand. Other playing mistakes found.
0:32: B does not fit with F major chord. G chord should fix it. Also found an odd hiccup.
0:43: B does not fit with C major chord
0:49: uneven triad
0:57: A does not belong with G major chord. Making it a G will fix it. Fixed at 1:6.
1:8: F does not belong with A minor chord. D minor chord should fix it.
1:14 and 3:13: odd rhythm
1:19: odd use of tie
1:25: right hand pauses unexpectedly
1:31: sudden speed-up, intended?
When the right hand ends the bar with a long note/rest, the left hand should fill it in, if you think more motion is a good idea. I say this because this motion develops the atmosphere more.
3:19: right hand notes don't fit with C major chord. D minor should fix it.
The ending was a little odd. The right hand should finish the scale/sequence.

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