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the world from the eyes of other eyes


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This is rich aural information, and you obviously know your stuff..  While I do appreciate dadaist and surrealist art works, when applied to music it is harder for me to digest..  Seeing as I jumped in on synthesizers back in the late 60's  I did listen a LOT to the first electronic music composers from the 50's   which can be quite atonal and clashing.. 

I absolutely love certain sections of this..  Your technique and execution is brilliant throughout the piece.. and the variety of walking thru sonic 'comforting and uncomfortable'  territory  is spot on.. You also excellently show the scope of what a piano can do in terms of variety and emotion..

3rd listen...  This is 12:41 minutes of excellence.  For me, it's sort of like eating an artichoke, the first two bites, are weird, and unpleasant,  but then taste great, and you wish the artichoke was a lot bigger.. Then you get to the 'heart' where the the artichoke flesh is positively delicious.. 

Weird analogy.  But once I listen for a while..  my brain adapts it's 'ear buds'..  and I can find the sound extremely enticing. Going from extremely beautiful sound data to something most 21 century ears are not used too is quite a journey..

A totally excellent job.   I might catch up to you in about 220 years, then again I probably won't.  One's experiences and thought processes, can uniquely be expressed in the music or art they express. ..   

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