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Missing Score (Open to collaboration)


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This is a backing track of sorts I have written.

I thought it could be a fun idea to leave a piece wide open and see what others could do with an existing foundation (if anyone wants to that is).

The piece has a sort of intro that lasts 12 bars, then the pattern repeats 12 times before finishing.

It's in 4/4 of course, and has a tempo of 85.25 

Let me know if anyone would like to put something over this. What and how is completely up to you.

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Not at all, things can take time! 

This is great! I think the recording gives a very nice touch of realism to the piece. The melody's and Harmonies were very well executed too, considering as you said the repetitive nature of the backing, and I did draw the last note out maybe more than was necessary.

You're definitely a skilled player though!

Thanks for taking the time and effort!

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