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I'd like to interest you with my latest creation:
Play-Force 2A03 which is a music soundtrack that one can use for any spaceship shooter that is famicom related in it's design

It contains many tunes that are typical to that specific genre and I find it an advancement compared to former artwork of mine of the late years.

Take a listen, have an impress and any feedback would be useful to me regarding my creation, a potential purchase as well but mostly I would like you to see and experience it as it played on the web-store's page.

Thank you in advance and I hope it inspires you as well to create and experience with electronic music and Famicom related material

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What's more important than repeating something is knowing how often to do so. Pedals on Eb and Db are kind of unnecessary to do so much, especially as interludes (or with parallel fifths, as it happens sometimes in this work). I would have also liked to hear more treble tones, because when you do use them, it's always good, but it's always done weirdly sparingly here. I get the vibe of a i - VII chord progression as a harsher one, but simplicity in design doesn't have to mean simplicity in concept. In short, there's a lot of ideas that repeat and sustain, when I don't think they really have to. Good work.

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Hopefully, it is not impolite that my first posting is a critique of somebody else’s output. That said, the piece conveys the feeling of playing an old-school computer game very well. However, as Monarcheon stated, it is sometimes quite repetitive and predictable. While this is not so much of a problem while you are shooting invaders from outer space on a screen, it needlessly reduces interest. There is nothing wrong with short pieces of music, so why not cut some repetitions? Probably, a more engaging composition would emerge.

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Yes, That is indeed what I need to mostly fix in this soundtrack. There was at least one trick I found that I often use that makes the soundtrack repetitive.
I was however inspired by Crisis Force for the Famicom but yet, I don't find myself innovate in such desired level.

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