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String Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major


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My second in a set of three string quartets, Op. 2, in the style of roughly the 1780s. Enjoy! Opus 1 has been finished for a while, three piano sonatas, and I will likely post them soon. I also finished the third quartet, but I have not entered it into musescore yet.

NOTE: There are two glitches in the first movement, there shouldn't be a D at the end of the exposition, its only a pickup to the development, and the B-flat seventh chord before the recap is a beat too late.


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18 hours ago, ilv said:

Good job overall. I noticed excessive use of parallel octaves, as well as some 7th chords that didn't fit well with the melody. At 1:30 and other occurences of this chord progression, G should be F. At around 5:20, a Fm7 chord sounds awkward, so an E-flat is unnecessary and made an F instead. At 6:34, Cm7 chord isn't the best choice and therefore, B-flat should be made a C. At 8:33, there was an awkward leap in the first violin part, which can be fixed with a grace note. There are also some less optimal harmonies, and it is often hard to write rules around harmony for classical music. You can do anything you want when writing contemporary music.


Thanks for the feedback! I was also having problems with the beginning of the second movement, and only recently noticed that it's because of the Eb in the 2nd violin. And the awkward leap, I actually included a grace note when I wrote it on paper, and just forgot to put it into musescore. :)

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Only listened to the first movement so here are some comments for only that section:


Little bit of an abrupt ending at bar 25. You're trying to get the whole classical feel to it as far as I can see. Some parts sound oddly Mozartian but in other parts, the chord progressions aren't "classical" enough (e.g. sequence starting at bar 48). Are you trying to just stay in the classical genre or were you planning to add some modern influences in as well?

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