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Fall Competition Poll


Fall Competition Scenario Poll  

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  1. 1. What should the Fall Competition Scenario be?

    • A marathon style event where competitors are given a list of compositional techniques they must use in order (like a field event), but the rest of the piece is their choice. Competitors are judged on integration and smoothness of the techniques.
    • A time warp style event where competitors must compose a piece that transitions through the various eras of musical styles as the piece progresses. Competitors are judged on their ability to keep their own compositional styles and themes while shifting eras.
    • An aleatoric-based event where competitors are assigned a an aleatoric (or chance based) requirement (i.e. using playing cards for pitches). Competitors are judged on how well the integrate the results of their given aleatoric requirement.

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3 hours ago, Maarten Bauer said:

Option 2 sounds like an intensive project, which could take months to finish. Maybe it is better to set a specific time style period or 'progression' like:

Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romanticism, 20th century, contemporary.


I don't really esactly see how how you presented another option there.

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