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Thanks to all enjoyed my previous topic whereas I posted several pieces I've written which you can find at this link:

Batch Pt. 1 & 2

In this topic I would love to share a political video I've written, accompanied by a piece I worked really hard on. It describes the nature of what we became as a species and painful truths:

Below is a piece I've written to describe what it would feel like to travel through the devil's gate for the first time starting from the beginning. When it begins to pick up in tempo toward the middle, I wanted to give a sense of Heaven vs. Hell. When the female voice come in at the end, it is my depiction of Eve feeling much guilt and shame for cursing women due to temptation and is singing from Hell for God's forgiveness.

Finally, in the music player below are several pieces that were left unfinished, either due to my: laziness, exhaustion, or I was unmotivated.

(Note: The piece entitled "track 4" was an unfinished collaboration with a member who lost her user name? She hasn't logged in for a while now.)

Hope you guys love the music and please be sure to post your critiques! 

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State of our world: Cryptic video, and perfect music to fit.  Great use of the choir around the minute mark, and nice cue to the planet exploding image. Overall, very impressed. What sample are you using for your choral, to get the lyrics? 

Through the devil's gate: Great use of sound in the intro, but was pleasantly surprised by the melodic major theme when the doors opened. The female vocal didn't really match the piano background, but it did give a sense of grief. Very good piece overall, lots of powerful imagery. Great work! 

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