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Owls, magic shop (vocaloid)


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this was for a character of mine who is a wizard and owns a magic shop

here is the lyrics:

Traveler on this good night 

Welcome to this humble shop of mine


Here your dreams may come true

If you pay the price of course you must

Need for something, so you"ll be trusting, 

when I say that you here will find it here


Is it love that you need?  unwanted memories?

Erase them       so they won’t bleed


The shop of Owl

wipe out the foul

Here it comes with astral magic

The one you will find most nostalgic

With every potion and every spell

from that the old book of his master will offer

I find you new I find you unique

before you sign, one last warning

My price is not money, is not your wealth

but the curse you have is me so I must take..


The shop of Owl

You head the growl
so pay the price

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Very nice! It's almost perfect on its own, given the length. But even so you should give more attention to varying the harpsichord part. Not necessarily the lines, but maybe the volume and character because there are times when it is on its own and naked. It sounds like one of those things the composer left on auto pilot for too long and didn't think anyone else would notice.

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