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Tropical Attraction Area Music

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I've been working on a piece that would theoretically be used at a Visitor Attraction, playing in the background on a continuous loop. I've gone with a sort of tropical / adventure feel that you might see at many family oriented attractions. I'm assuming not many of you have delved into visitor attraction music before, as it is quite niche, so for those who don't know a typically good piece of area music is normally about 30 minutes long, will be able to take place in the background without distracting the listener from what ever it is they're doing, and create a constant atmosphere throughout the loop whilst not feeling stale. Another thing unique about area music is the listener will never listen to it from start to finish, so typically area music doesn't have a discernible beginning, middle or end. These are points I've tried to hit whilst composing this piece. Whether this comes across or not though is a different question.

I appreciate this is a very long piece of music so even if you just listen to a few minutes of it or just have it on in the background whilst doing something else, any feedback is much appreciated.



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Yes, I did what you suggested and let it play in the background while doing some tidying up and it works well. Listening to it directly I found the bass a bit too foot tapping which as you seem to suggest isn't the point - you don't want people stopping to listen to the work. Only problem is some of the tunes are quite catchy - I'm an aficionado of Caribbean music especially from the French Antilles - so I was bound to get caught up in it. Now it's in my head!  No harm in that though. It could even enhance people's memories of their visit to wherever.

Nice one!



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Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to listen to the full piece. It's much appreciated. I see what you mean with it being too catchy is certain parts. I think writing more atmospheric and less melodic music is something I definitely need to work on in the future for these types of pieces. Although as you said, I think a little touch of memorable melodies here and there will enhance guest's memories of the attractions, as well as I think give the attraction more personality in certain cases.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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Yeah, I agree with Quinn, the music might be demanding that too much attention be paid to it.  I had done similar music for some museums many years ago.  I call it 'musical wallpaper'. I made it palatable, pleasant, but it did not call attention to itself.  What you've done it good, however it does subtlely ask that you pay attention to it.  

Of course ultimately the client will decide that.  It might be that you want music that adds excitement to the atmosphere of the place.  Your  melody parts are intricate and catchy. You might want to make a simple motif, and repeat, and have different instruments state it.

The Brain likes to find order in things. so when you have music with a fair amount of activity, the brain is going to turn it's focus on it, to find the pattern.. With something constantly changing, it engages the brain to pay more attention.. If the music is too static, the brain will pay less attention to it.  You want to find that happy medium..  

I suggest checking out what others have done, and study that.  When analyzing a new genre of music,  I use graph paper, and multi colored felt tip pens.  I mark out different instruments by bar.. I don't notate notes, just activity.  I have a bit of heiragliphics - more squiggly lines means more activity.  You can find your own symbols and short hand.  After doing that to a number of pieces. I gain a better understanding of what I am trying to do. 

 Because you have much going on, the brain wants to pay attention to it, to be able 

What you've created here is very good.  To me it requires me to pay attention to it.  I cannot ignore it.  I think you could turn this into an epic type piece, just in it's scale, length, variety.  Very good. 

Also consider where it is being played, are there a lot of other sounds, people talking music coming form ride attractions etc.  Noises etc.  If there are those factors, the brain will struggle with what to pay attention too. My own theory is that the brain can process 4 - 6 different data strands of music.  More if the addition strands are closely related to one of the main ones. Once you get past that, the brain doesn't have enough CPU power and speed to process more audio input,  so it might get frustrated, and lose interest in it, or not like it, in  which case, it is tuned out. 

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