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The music is VERY nice..  Things move along, and transition perfectly into the next seqment etc.. Lots of variety in techniques used, all excellently executed..  I don't really feel the video has anything to do with the emotion of the audio however (and the music is quite good)..  Never the less, I urge you to keep up on the video's.. 

For the last couple of years, I've been reading as much and pondering the the psychological effect of different instruments/ instrument combinations/ or virtual instruments, with selection of harnonic overtones, (either additive synthesis or combining different VI's)  combined with the motifs, and modal scales they use to effect the emotional state of the listener. 

You are obviously moving there also, whether it is conscious or subconcsious.. it is quite good.  The harmonic overtones of different instruments combined together, do have emotional impact..  I work with an amount of virtual instruments (that don't exist in nature) combined with traditional Kontakt libraries.. 

I think you have discovered a fair amount of knowledge in this area. which makes your music stand out.  Keep up the GREAT  work

Had a bit of a problem with playback.  Safari on Mac Mohave (both latest versions) would not play at all.   Worked better with Firefox.  Clicking on link did not work, but opening link in new window, took me to Facebook and worked fine. 

Nice work.

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