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    Hello everyone. I tried Scanscore that is a paid software for windows 10 and it allows you to scan any sheet music and make changes on it. It is only available for Windows for now. It has a very simple interface that you can easily use. 
    First of all, there are three options for scanning. The first option is the scanner option. This option is the most accurate one for the detailed view of the score, however, it is the most impractical one since we are all using our smartphones instead of a scanner. The second option is importing image or PDF files. For the musicians who mostly use IMSLP to obtain sheet music, this option is very helpful. Third and the last option is to import photos from the app. This option was dissatisfying for me since the considerable amount of notes were absent despite the high-resolution photos that I had taken. 
    After the scanning was complete, the first thing I saw was the original score on the left side. On the right side, there was a page with detected notes. Pages can be turned around with the "Change Layout" option. The next thing I had recognized was the Scanscore toolbar that allows you to make the most important changes like editing and playing the scores.  
    I think this software can be used by a lot of musicians from different states like music students,  teachers, conducters or orchestra members. I teach piano and my students are mostly children and beginner level adults. These groups of students are enthusiastic about playing some known pieces but most of those pieces are harder than their level. Plenty of times I thought about arranging the pieces to an easier version and dictate all of them to Finale. Instead of simplifying the music by rewriting and arranging from scratch, Scanscore is a great help for all of those procedures.
    Composing process mostly start with handwriting but it is required to be in a digital platform. After the handwriting, composer usually dictates the whole thing to Finale or Sibelius, one by one. I know this is a really inconvenient job to do and in my opinion, this process might be less painful by using Scanscore. Files can be exported as XML files and that files can be launched in Finale. 
    Scanscore may be used effectively by both amateur and professional orchestras, chamber music groups, a great variety of gigs and in the educational field. I believe this software will continue to be developed by updates and get better and I hope they start these improvements from scanning quality. Even in this state, it is a life saver. 
You can visit this link to purchase: https://scan-score.com/en/ 
There's a free version you can try but there's no saving option :/

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Just bought the PRO version for Mac. My first impression is NOT good. Terrible results with a very clean PDF, and when I try to do a direct-scan using a very good EPSON scanner, it doesn't even recognize it, You select the scanner and then it tells you that it "failed to open a session on the device." This is like the bad old days of non-TWAIN scanners on Windows 3.1. I do NOT recommend this software.

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Have just installed and working with trial version.  Seems exactly what I need but two major issues mean I won't be purchasing.

1.  Notes won't insert.   I select a note but when I drag it to the staff and click the left mouse button - the note won't go onto the staff.

2. Playback stops after about 20 seconds.  I can't hear the whole piece in order to judge if accidentals have been incorrectly inserted.  

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