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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone. I tried Scanscore that is a paid software for windows 10 and it allows you to scan any sheet music and make changes on it. It is only available for Windows for now. It has a very simple interface that you can easily use. First of all, there are three options for scanning. The first option is the scanner option. This option is the most accurate one for the detailed view of the score, however, it is the most impractical one since we are all using our smartphones instead of a scanner. The second option is importing image or PDF files. For the musicians who mostly use IMSLP to obtain sheet music, this option is very helpful. Third and the last option is to import photos from the app. This option was dissatisfying for me since the considerable amount of notes were absent despite the high-resolution photos that I had taken. After the scanning was complete, the first thing I saw was the original score on the left side. On the right side, there was a page with detected notes. Pages can be turned around with the "Change Layout" option. The next thing I had recognized was the Scanscore toolbar that allows you to make the most important changes like editing and playing the scores. I think this software can be used by a lot of musicians from different states like music students, teachers, conducters or orchestra members. I teach piano and my students are mostly children and beginner level adults. These groups of students are enthusiastic about playing some known pieces but most of those pieces are harder than their level. Plenty of times I thought about arranging the pieces to an easier version and dictate all of them to Finale. Instead of simplifying the music by rewriting and arranging from scratch, Scanscore is a great help for all of those procedures. Composing process mostly start with handwriting but it is required to be in a digital platform. After the handwriting, composer usually dictates the whole thing to Finale or Sibelius, one by one. I know this is a really inconvenient job to do and in my opinion, this process might be less painful by using Scanscore. Files can be exported as XML files and that files can be launched in Finale. Scanscore may be used effectively by both amateur and professional orchestras, chamber music groups, a great variety of gigs and in the educational field. I believe this software will continue to be developed by updates and get better and I hope they start these improvements from scanning quality. Even in this state, it is a life saver. You can visit this link to purchase: https://scan-score.com/en/ There's a free version you can try but there's no saving option :/
  2. Unison is a platform where you can create sheet music just by describing them with simple words.
  3. Hello, I am really interested in composing graphic notation music, so I searched on the internet for a free notation software that has been designed for this purpose. Unfortunately, I could not find anything. Do you know a graphic notation programm? If so, what is the name and where can I find it? Thanks! Maarten For example:
  4. Anyone know of some Eq software? I am looking one with a spectrum viewer more in depth than Fl parametric eq 2. I am on a budget, but wanted to see about which ones would have the most bang per buck.
  5. EDIT: This survey is now closed, thanks to all who took part. I may publish the results in February, and if so, I will add a link here later. Hi folks - first post, so apologies to the mods if this type of post is not allowed! I am a composition student at the University of Surrey and I am throwing around a survey across the internet to gather some data on how musicians write music with music notation software - this forum seemed very lively, so I'm very interested in your thoughts. If you are someone that composes/arranges music with music notation software (Sibelius/Finale/MuseScore/etc.) I would be extremely grateful if you could spare 10 minutes to fill out this survey: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/eZTxmoaK At the end, there will be two participants chosen in a random raffle that will receive £15 via PayPal. The survey will close in 7 days (6th January 2018). If you have any questions/comments/discussion - fire away! Thank you and have a Happy New Year!
  6. My aim is to write songs in an acoustic ballad style (no electric guitars or drums) similar to Don Mclean's Starry Night in terms of arrangement Primarily on piano and guitar (both picking and strumming). I am looking for software to assist with: 1. Recording lyrics (entered by typing) in a way that matches up with chords and melody without much difficulty. 2. Gives the options of best chords available for a given key. (ie. you can edit individual chords in a progression easily) 3. Does auto-arranging for acoustic ballad piano or guitar style. (with the more variety being better) 4. Can generate alternative melodies or similar melodic figures that I can select from. 5. Allows a VST to be imported, so it doesn't sound like rubbish while I'm composing. From my research so far, it seems that all the software that records and displays lyrics to match chords is separate from the software that does arranging and produces nice sound. If I am wrong here, I would love to know which of the advanced arranging software is lyric friendly. EZKeys seems like the best software for my needs, but I might be wrong. EZKeys suggests the best chords, has a nice VST piano, and does auto-arranging, although the variety seems limited and I can't find any info on whether you can import or create your own arrangement midi database. (seems like you have to buy the ones they have made and they are quite expensive) EZKeys doesn't have a melody generator that I could see. Melody generation seems best done by Rapid Composer, but some have suggested that Band In A Box can also do this. From my observations of BIAB it seems they are heavily focused on the jazz, rock and electronic styles which I have no interest in. My main concern with Rapid Composer is that it will produce melodies that sound too computer-generated and weird, like what I have seen in the demos on youtube. Has anyone had good success with Rapid Composer? Synfire seems like a mystery package, but one that might be helpful as I often struggle with coming up with new rhythmic and melodic ideas. The demo on youtube makes it look pretty ordinary and would love to see the workflow of someone making something awesome with it. I'm not sure how good it would be at generating alternative melodies and arrangements that fit the modern ballad style. People suggest loading it's AI database with classical music, but I don't want my music to sound 300 years old in style! Perhaps I could only upload midis of the songs styles similar to what I want to create? Reaper seems to be the best value DAW, so I would go with that. My observations of VST acoustic guitars are that all the good ones require Kontakt 5. I especially like the workflow of Strummaker IV but it seems you need to buy Kontakt 5 which is expensive. I can't find any other VST guitars that enable you to customise strumming patterns but I might be missing something out there. So it seems I will need to buy: 1. Lyrics/songwriting software which can import/export melody and chords. 2. EZkeys OR Reaper plus a good VST guitar OR Kontakt 5 with strummaker 3. BIAB, Rapid Composer OR Synfire if I want help with melody ideas. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)
  7. TL;DR; Looking for software that allows "free form" composition, without enforcing barlines. I've tried Finale, MuseScore, Sibelius, and it seems the measure lenght is holy in all of them. Long version: [it took me over hour to try and condense that. Sorry if it's still a gibberish] I'm just an amateur with some songs flying in my head. I want to put them on paper as proper musical notation, instead of singed/whistled mp3 parts. Thus I'm looking for a software to note the pitches, durations and basic dynamic (crescendo/decrescendo/staccato). Playback doesn't need to be accurate - just enough to make sense of what I'm doing. I want to expand the simple tunes into something more "grand", but don't have skill to actually play it, hence need to use the "midi orchestra" of my pc. I've toyed a bit with Finale, with moderate success. So far my methodology was to note the pitches in ABC notation by banging on the virtual piano (or whistling to the microphone), then put that into finale and try to adjust the note durations later. But I have little idea how to find metrum of my melody, nor the durations of notes, so I can only do it by trial and error. Sotware is not helpful here either, because of "fixed" measure paradigm - deleting my notes, inserting pauses etc. I would much more prefer to just have one long staff, adjust the durations/pauses as required, then put the bars in. I've even come down to writing a small program to read the "rhythm" of me tapping a key, so I could use that to punch the correct durations in. Maybe there's a software that could do that for me? So, anything there that lets me input music without bothering with metrum and measure lenghts? Background: Done some choir singing in school, but don't have any formal music education. Can play some basics on Recorder, and murdering digital piano lately (when no one's near). I'm past the "numbers", but still using the CDEF notation - learning to read notes is my goal for this year. Been told I have "good hearing", albeit I can no longer hear the 18Khz (and mosquitos) clearly. Still getting irritated by freezer across the house.
  8. Hi ppl! I am looking for a composition-software. I know programms which only allow you to type in notes in a notation view but I also need a piano-roll (like the one in Fruity-Loops or Logic, Garage-Band, etc..). It is also very important that I can integrate VSTs like "The Grand 3" or "Alicia's keys" because I hate that typical bad-quality-sound which programms like "Sibelius" have. I don't need any programms like "FL Studio" or "Logic" because I never use and don't want to pay for all of the functions beside the piano roll and vst-integration. regards alex2east :)
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Peter, a software developer. I've been developing a songwriter application running on smart phones, named "Simple Song Creator". I have finished the first version for iPhone and Windows Phone. It is a simple music composing application that has the ability to write out the music notes and lyrics of the songs you want to compose. You can use the app to capture new song ideas that come to your mind everywhere you go. * Features: - Write music notes and lyrics. - Playback function with the multiple sounds for different instruments. - Export the songs into MIDI or MusicXML files that you can copy to your computer when connecting your phone through iTunes, so that you can continue editing the songs using professional music composing softwares like Encore, Finale, Guitar Pro, ... Or you can send the file via email. For Windows Phone's devices, you can upload the songs to SkyDrive or Dropbox and then download to your computer. Have a look at it on the app store: - iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/score-creator/id572550128?mt=8 - iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/score-creator-for-ipad/id627486149?mt=8 - Windows Phone: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/simple-song-creator/2dffd7e0-089d-4b18-ae89-f7a396d12cac Thanks a lot for reading!
  10. As part of a research project we created a program that can help amateur musicians compose accompaniments with very little or no musical knowledge. In particular, if you begin with a simple monophonic piece (saved as a MIDI), the program will help you interactively evolve accompaniment simply by listening to candidate accompaniments and telling it the ones you like the best. The program is not commercial and is completely free to the internet community. We'd be very interested in feedback on your own experiences with this program, so we hope you'll give it a try and let us know if it's interesting to you. The program, called MaestroGenesis, is at: http://www.maestrogenesis.org/ To go direct to download, you can go to: http://www.maestroge...s.org/downloads There's also an easy online tutorial with a video at: http://www.maestrogenesis.org/docs Best Regards, Amy
  11. Hello fellow pianists :-) I would like to hear your opinion. I am the university student and this year I am working on my bachelor's thesis. I would like to make a smartphone application that would help the piano students or composers to easily transfer their ideas to piano score. The application would be capable of recording someone playing the piano then it would recognize the single notes or polyphony, the rythm and finally it would generete the MIDI output. The MIDI output could be then imported to some 3rd party dekstop software (like Finale, etc.) to obtain the classical piano score. Before I start I need to know whether you, pianists, would even like to use such an application. So would you use an application that can recognize and process the piano sound and generate the MIDI output? And if so what mobile platform would you prefer? Android / iOS / Windows Phone / Symbian / BlackBerry / anything else? What do you think? I really need your feedback and I would appreciate every answer! :-) Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey YC, I've been looking into software a little, but I haven't gotten much to work with. I recently bought a M-audio MIDI keyboard, and the only thing I've been able to do with it is plug in some notes in the Finale and Sibelius free trials. However, a lot of ya'll say that writing by hand is much more beneficial so I think I'm going to start doing that again. But I would also like to invest in some VST's and programs that will allow me to record what I write. The only program I have really heard of is Cakewalk, but I haven't been able to find out about it much. So, if ya'll could kind of give me a list of what I should get I would really appreciate it. WHAT I HAVE: A PC A M-Audio MIDI Keyboard Under $10,000,000 :P WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO: Be able to record orchestral pieces that I compose on that keyboard with as much quality for the lowest price. What VST packs do I buy? What programs do I use? Just a complete list to be able to do as I described for the best price. Thanks, Chop :w00t:
  13. I have what might be a laughably simple question but does software aiding the process of music composition exist? I'm talking about something similar to screenplay or novel writing software but for music. So I might plug in something like "Sonata" and it would offer various templates for sonata forms, prod me to modulate in the appropriate places etc. Does Sibelius do anything like this? Thanks. Wil
  14. Hi guys! I heard about a software called 'Juke-bot' that generates music automatically by analyzing images... It scares me! Did someone tried it online? (www.juke-bot.com )Did you already get the result?
  15. I want to buy a good producing software package. I'm not sure where to even start. Can you guys recommend me a good one to get? I play epic type music currently and a little piano (Two Steps from Hell, Hans Zimmer, Immediate Music, etc). I have Steinberg's Grand and EWQL's Symphonic Orchestra Play VST. I am thinking: Cubase 6, Pro Tools 9, or Abelton. There are probably others out there, but I dont know of them (I think Logic, Reason, etc). Do you guys telling me what is best for what? Type of song I would like to be able to cover: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ttQjm-8OITE or My Setup: i7 920 Processor overclocked to 3.4Ghz (Tried unclocked also). 12GB Ram (Good quality and fast, not overclocked). Windows 7 64-bit OS And Cubase running on Intel X-25M 80GB SSD. Samples ran from internal Seagate 7200 2TB Black Hard Drive. Toneport UX2 ASIO Driver 24-bit loaded samples ran at 4800Khz 1x Axiom 64 Pro 1x Yamaha Generic USB Piano/Keyboard
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