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Dark Energy

The Song of the Siren

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This is my brand new song, about a siren. What do you think? Write below in comment! 
If you like, my track, just hit the like button! 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeGByI3EV1KsC3pOTZoXK🙂



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@Dark Energy

"Expanding the universe... of music!"😃

Ok so.

I'll do what I usually do and write notes while listening, so I won't forget anything, and you'll get a picture of my immediate reaction.


The tiny bells (forgot their name) right at the beginning are, for me a little to sharp. At least for the beginning.

If you want a nice effect to start with... Idk, Siren's voice is known to be gentle and soothing. Maybe a pp with soft stick on a gong? or a bell? Something lower and not as sharp?

Also the horns are a little too... adventurous? epic? (That's just my opinion) to begin a song about sirens with. 

I think that you should have added them later for a greater dramatic effect.


The texture that starts around 0:12 is great.

 Interesting. What voice vst did you use for this one?


The cut at 1:24 was a little too sharp for me. But maybe I get your concept of Siren's wrong?

Also the addition of electronic sound is good, gives it a somewhat unnatural feeling.  


Around 2:00 it already sounds like... well like an epic adventure song. 

Many musical cliche's (the use of horns, strings, drums, the overall rhythm, sudden major chords).


3:10 there she is again. 

So the whole epic section was a transition? What story did you have in mind? 

The harp adds a lot.


I like the dark texture from 3:55 on.

I'll give it another listen now, maybe I missed something.


Ok, I think I get it now.

It's like-

*Part I: "These are Sirens"

*Part II: "These are sailors"

*Part III: "Hey, what is this beautiful voice I hear? I haven't heard a woman in months, let's go say hello!"

*Part IV: "Hello there! Oh no! What the...?! (Death Screams)"




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