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Il Flauto Dolce, for Flute & Piano

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Posted (edited)

It's a nice piece. There is a nice melody and some beautiful harmonic moments.

About the flute part:

1. It's very long and sustained on the high notes. A flute player would have trouble breathing.

2. There isn't much variety but that can be a good thing, depending on your personal style. However, a real player might get bored.

3. To be really picky, you have a lot of reliance on high C# and top F#. I don't know if you know, but hitting and sustaining these notes is a horrible task on the modern flute, although professionals can do it more easily.

Thanks for sharing your lovely piece of flute music!

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Thanks for the appreciation and for the suggestions.

Effectively, when composing for an instrument, I should take care of its behaviours, and how it has to be played. But I haven't yet such an aknowledgement about that.

I really appreciated your advices.

Thanks again.


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