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Notational Comfort


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In regards to what is more comfortable to read, I have been struggling between 2 ways of notating the same 6/8 rhythm.  

ties.png.fbcad52798274194a8feed0f048d4f64.png using ties


77827964_noties.png.98ef087a528def872132fb3fa7765d9f.png  not using ties

Which, out of the 2 bars above, is the preferred way to notate such rhythms for the sake of simplicity and quick understanding by the musician being asked to read?  


Also, when writing out a part for a harpist, I read that it is customary to forego writing out the rests unless an intended rest is actually to be played (i.e. the harp is a naturally legato instrument).  Out of the two bars below, and with respect to how a harpist would like to see the notation, is either one better than the other?  The music outlined by the written bars here is, in fact, legato (no rests), however, I didn't want to break the reading musician's ability to count into a measure using any visible rests (especially for more complicated bars of music than pictured here).            

rests.png.3c718ae632b62850c318b12eaf4a5ac8.png rests

1059259676_norests.png.a7d7a961c89119407ad8e6a5cb032e5d.png no rests


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well as a piano/guitar player either or should be easy enough to read for the 6/8 rhythm. Tied notes and dotted notes should be a concept that most people should grasp. For the ones unfamiliar with dotted notes I guess the one very specific should work out well so that it is well annotated. Due to its half value of the note it is being tied to. 

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