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Rafael Andres Diazz

Ave Maria SATB

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Hello, My name is Rafael, and a couple of months ago, I wrote an Ave Maria that I enjoyed but now I have improved. I re-arranged it from SSA to SATB accapella. I need comments please dont be scared of giving me feedback! Enjoy!


Ave Maria Audio


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Hi Rafael,

Great ideas and I particularly enjoyed your interesting harmonies. Just a few suggestions and wonders.

1. In bars 11-12 is the parallel fifths in the sops and bass intentional ? If not maybe do some inversions to improve it (or other chords are cool too !)

2. There are a few big jumps (really hard to sing as I sang in a choir and I know !) bar 11 bass, bar 40 sops.

3.In bar 21 -22, the latin word "Dei" has the wrong stress, maybe try putting the Dei in bar 22 first crochet and change a bit of the rhythm.

4. Maybe try stretching the range of Tenors more ? The range you're having now is alright but I think tenors enjoys a bit of high Fs and Gs sometimes.

Good job man and keep on the hard work !

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