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Soliloquy for Trumpet No. 3


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This is my 3rd soliloquy for trumpet. I have also written a set of "Three Sententiae for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 296", which, like the two previous soliloquies for trumpet, were composed in April 2017. I have provided the transposing score for the trumpet in Bb, as in all the previous trumpet pieces I have posted here.

Here's the link to my 2nd soliloquy for trumpet:


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This one stands out to me a little bit. I don't know if you're intentionally breaking sentence form, but it has varying degrees of success, in my opinion. In section A I think it works well enough with kind of a joke cadential tail. The second portion seems more like a lot of repetition without as much dedication to fragmentary elaboration which made the piece lost a little steam by the end.

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