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Three Different Metropolitan Scenes from NYC (Bagatelles) for Solo Piano

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Hi! I wrote this three-movement piece after traveling to New York City this summer...

Please leave me comments after listening to this piece (attached are PDF score and recordings)!

I. In the Silence after Midnight around Ground Zero 
II. On the Night View of Skyscrapers from Empire State Building
III. On a Midsummer Jazz Concert in Central Park

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The first movement sounds "fragmented" and "improvised." I didn't hear a lot of emotion in this; perhaps it would sound better on a live recording. I do question the playability of this piece. There is an awful lot of hand-crossing while sustaining other notes... it probably will sound much less smooth than the recording when played live.

The second movement sounds much like the first (to me), but with a little more structure. While a delicate and architectural piece, I again question the playability, especially the crescendo from M.18 to 28.

The third movement I liked quite a bit! It definitely had a 'jazz' feel to it, with the edgy chords and syncopation. This piece looks fun to play!

Overall, I enjoyed the colorful chord structures of your works, although they still sound a little too random to me, as if they're being improvised on the spot. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that—it's just a personal preference.

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