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Hello all!

I wrote this for my quartet to perform in church. Happy to hear thoughts.

Please note that there will be a lot more push and pull of the tempo in the live version of this. Please follow along with the score to see when certain shifts occur.

It has become somewhat of a style of mine to use the space traditionally used for tempo markings for other things. I note push and pull of tempo here as well as general dynamic markings and moods.



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The oscillation between the mixolydian mode was a nice touch. My main two things were the spacing in mm. 16-17, and the use of consecutive dissonances in motion (i.e. 4ths to 4ths, 5ths to 4ths, 7ths to 4ths), which wouldn't be an issue in most cases, but when the melody line holds and the other voices take over sometimes it feels a little empty. Nice little work, though.

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Spacing as in the voicing being spread quite wide? Or the formatting of the page spacing?


I am experimenting with that consecutive dissonance passage. I'm glad you caught it because I wasn't convinced it would work either. When the quartet has time to sing through it for real (we did a quick and dirty read last week), I will pay close attention to this section.

Thanks for listening!

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