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Lightning Rod

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Sorry for the frequency of these posts but there's so much music out there and we may not be aware of it because we are busy and think there is nothing to learn from pop music. But there is!

Huge currents and voltages
Potential for fire, for fire yes
You take the heat on the rooftops
You make it sweet oh please don't stop
Protector and a messenger
Don't throw in the towel before
You've done what you're called to do
You'll never be done if I know you
Drawing fire
Fire from the clouds
Drawing fire
Fire from the clouds
Ben Franklin could have been killed
With key and kite up on that hill
Devotional experiments
In spirit, you are much like him
A writer, a scientist
You sing your song as a servant
To gods whose voices speak through you
From somewhere in that troubled blue
Drawing fire
Fire from the clouds
Drawing fire
Fire from the clouds
Drawing fire
Drawing fire
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Laura Veirs
Lightning Rod lyrics © BMG Rights Management
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