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The Matrix - Lobby Scene (Music Remade)

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As an exercise for myself, I composed new music for the famous lobby scene. There are a lot of elements that I "borrowed" like inception's sound, and other cliche elements. But please take a listen and let me know what you think - or what you don't like! Anything is welcome, thanks for listening!



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Orchestral music really doesn't work for these kinds of scenes and aesthetics, generally. Especially not this more, pad-like style (you compare it to Inception) which is really quite slow and static. 

It's not really that the cue itself is "bad" or anything, rather — it just feels contextually "wrong". Your cue essentially kills the vibe of the scene and makes it feel more like that D-Day scene or whatever in Saving Private Ryan rather than a Cyberpunk shootout. 

There are three main reasons for this:

1. There is no strong "touch & go" aspect to the whole thing like in the original soundtrack with the edit of Propellerheads' Spybreak during the shootout. Case in point would be the 2:37 mark.

2. There is no real rhythm or groove and thus: No real energy to the music. As such, it kills the energy of the scene itself.

3. The buildup to the shootout itself is just too weak. Don Davis' drums in the original and their building intensity was perfect. 

I hope some of that helps.

Re-scoring something like this scene is pretty difficult because it demands a very-particular sort of style (as the Matrix has a very particular sort of style), which is pretty removed from "conventional" film scores. 

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