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Realization on Partimento no.1 by F. Durante (Me & Markus)


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Myself and Markus have been collaborating on a project centered on galant pedagogy. Here our first realizations on a Partimento by Francesco Durante (1684-1755). Partimenti are figured and unfigured basses used during Baroque and Classical period by the students who learn compositions to do realizations on based on a set of rules.

All the information about history, rules and Partimenti can be found under the public domain:


We did a realization on following Durante's Partimento separately as a composition exercise: 


We appreciate your comments and invite anyone who want to join us to experience with galant style. 

Our previous collaborative work:

All the best,

Guillem & Markus

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Well done! I've just used partimento for the first time (Furno #1).  Until that I improvised in classical style using the Richard Grayson method. This sound really more classical. I'm working on a way to make it easier to grasp. My idea is to share it on my yt channel and to explain what how to do it. I think people can learn it without knowing the Rule of the octave. I will add chord symbols on top of the bass line. I know this wasn't used in that time, but I think it makes it easier to grasp. 

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