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Waltz in C# minor "memories during quarantine"

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This is my first posting on this forum. This is the second piece of my waltzes suite, written in c# minor.. It's nicknamed "memories during quarantine". The opening part resembles resembles the thinker's current situation as he is mentally exhausted  by the restrictions put upon him and the entire world. Then the person think's of the good times before these. To show that the waltz modulates into e major and back to c# to reach him in the current situation. 

Note:The Piece was made using Flat.io. It is inspired of Schubert's serenade and my favourite Chopin's  nocturne and waltz in C# minor.

hope you like it.

Sheet music :https://flat.io/score/5eaff67af195803c68148ff5-waltzes-suitewaltz-in-c-minor

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Melancholic and lethargic. Great job creating the atmosphere you were going for!

I would hesitate to call this a waltz, though. Waltzes are typically up-tempo and more rhythmic. You could call this a sarabande or a pavane, or maybe even a lament. Or you could ignore my ramblings and call it what you want. It's your piece, after all. 🙂 

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