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  1. 'If They May Dance' is quasi-programmatic, depicting a waltz that continually rises and falls until reaching a bombastic conclusion. A main melody is weaved into the piece itself: it constantly changes into slightly different forms to keep the piece cohesive. This work is the summit of my composing career so far. It also marks the longest time I've ever spent on a singular piece (~4 months). I'm pretty happy with it, and I don't really have much else to say about it. My progress throughout is documented in this thread; if you're interested, feel free to check it out. As usual, all feedback is appreciated! Would love to hear from you all 😊
  2. Hi again, ladies and gentlemen. After some time thinking about what to post I thought that instead of uploading another nocturne I might ask you for feedback on my most recent video instead. The piece it contains is not very recent, more or less a year old. It's precisely the piece that preceded my first accordion sonata and my first piano sonata. I won't say much about it. It's my third piano waltz, it's playable, and it's hopefully decent. But you judge! • Here is the PDF & MP3: Free sheet music : Rodríguez, Daniel-Omicrón - Obra Menor Nº40 - Vals Ahorcado (Piano solo) (free-scores.com) • Since now free-scores possibly requires registration, for those of you who don't want to go under that process, you'll be able to find the PDF here in the post (but I do recommend registrating though, it's a great site full of hidden gems like YC): 40 - Vals ahorcado.pdf Here's the youtube video created via Piano VFX, OpenShot and Paint.NET: As always, I'm open to any feedback, comment, impression, thought regarding the piece (though it's a bit old but I may always consider your thoughts for my next pieces) the video, a part of it, both, or whatever 🙂. See you in the forums!! Daniel–Ømicrón.
  3. Nikolaos Dimopoulos - Aria Of Shadows Hi everyone! I am new here and I am very happy to join this forum! As a new member I'm hungry for honest feedback! So, this is one composition of mine with choirs, orchestra and a fast waltz finale! Good listening!
  4. Hi everyone! I wrote this romantic (mostly Grieg) style waltz as a studie piece. I am applying to the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (in Budapest, Hungary) this year, and I am writing this as part of the application (deadline is june 18th). I am hoping some of you can help me out with ideas, how to make it more stylish, more accurate, wether I should extend it with some repeats/variated repeats or not.
  5. I've just finished a new piece today! Here's a waltz that I had written for a competition (I didn't submit in the end, the entry fee was too costly), in Ab major. At first I had planned for it to have been for solo piano (inspired very much by Chopin's waltzes), but eventually I added a solo violin part for (at least some) more timbral variety. Would appreciate some good criticism: this the first waltz I've written, and also the first in my (obviously limited) oeuvre to 'explore' the circle of fifths. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think! 🙂
  6. Here is a score I composed half on keyboard and half on computer. Enjoy!
  7. Here's a short waltz that I'd like to share with everyone. The original score was created last 2014 as a soundtrack for a video project in college. It was originally for a couple string instruments. In 2019, I transcribed it for solo piano. In the process of transcribing, I accidentally swapped the treble clef of the right hand with the bass clef without changing the note order, thus changing the entire tone of the main melody. It sounded off at first but then I thought, it's not bad at all! So I took that "accident" and incorporated it into the final version of this piece (you'll notice that measures 41 to 56 is like a copy of the main melody but different). Then a few days ago, I finally decided to complete this version. I had fun revising this one, and I hope you enjoy it as well 😁 Waltz in C Major.mp3 Waltz in C major.pdf
  8. Hello there! It's been a while since I've checked here and posted something in this forum. Well, I have composed this sonatina recently (actually since December last year) which is my first attempt in romantic style. The first movement is a waltz in truncated sonata form inspired by a Chopin Waltz, the second movement is an intermezzo inspired by Brahms, and the 3rd movement is a ballad in hybrid sonata-rondo form which I'd also composed for a friend. Also inspired by Chopin, the 3rd movement main theme is perhaps familiar for those who had watched Gravity Falls, for I had actually adapted the theme for the piece. I hope you all will enjoy this piece, and any feedback is appreciated!
  9. Hello Everyone! This is my first full piece I ever made. I composed it a couple years ago, and I am still very proud of it and finally got to record myself playing it. I wrote it during my first very emotional struggle as a teenager. A very close friend had helped me get through it, help me feel some joy, and I am incredibly grateful for they're comfort and compassion. This piece is the result of that whole experience. Though it means so much to me, I hope you can find some value in it yourself! Let me know what you think down below, and I'd greatly appreciate any criticism, critique, or advice, as I am young composer interested in getting better at writing music and exploring the world of composers! Have a nice day! : D
  10. This is the last work I finished before my computer sadly crashed (though hopefully I will have it back up an running soon). It is a simple melancholic waltz which uncharacteristic of me, I wrote very quickly (less than a week) and much of it away from the computer. I'm fan of the Eastern European Romantic composers and Dvorak in particular and this was in part influenced by his Slavonic Dances. I hope to add at least two other waltzes to compete a set of at least three.
  11. I recently completed this short showpiece I mostly wrote for myself. I'm going to be trying to arrange a live performance very soon, after I learn the part of course. For now all you have is Finale's rendering, but it should give you the idea. I'm not going after any particular composer's style, I'm just trying to write something that is simultaneously accessible, flashy and difficult, but also musically sophisticated. valse brilliante.pdf
  12. Here's a waltz I wrote as part of a collection I'm working on. Give me feedback please! This is the first piano piece I've ever put on here.
  13. These are my first waltzes that I wrote in 2017 over the course of two days. So they may be very close to each other in both character and condition, but still each will have its own little story.
  14. This is the scale here: C - D# - E - Fx - G# - B, which is a mix of C+ and B+.
  15. Well, this is my second week of the waltz challenge, it is pretty late because engineering is sucking mylife out and I dont have much time to compose :c. With this one I tried to get out of my comfort zone, I used extended harmony,some basic counterpoint and writting mostly in major which are some of the things that Im bad at. Hope you like it, any feedback is welcome.
  16. hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece, hope you like it and welcome your commentation the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1LV411S7VX/
  17. Ever since I started composing, I've always been interesting in programmatic music – music that tells a story or represents an existing one. This waltz was inspired by Natasha Van Meer, a character from my favourite novel, 'Special Topics in Calamity Physics' by Marisha Pessl. This isn't strictly a programmatic piece in the sense of following the exact events of a story; it's more of an attempt to summarise the character in musical form. More details about that in the score's programme notes (but please feel free to listen without reading them!). As always, any feedback welcome!
  18. A waltz I composed several years ago, which was originally a piano piece until I reworked it for string orchestra earlier this year. I'm trying to evoke a specific mood with this one – something beautiful but dangerous, elegant and alluring yet simultaneously threatening. As always, any feedback is welcome!
  19. I wanted to dedicate a piece to a loved one, so I composed a waltz in piano. Then I met with an orchestra composer to help me orchestrate it. Please, I would love feedback from this community. It is full of people who can give me their PoV and tell me for example "Trumpets louder would sound better in this part; or make this section softer". It is composed of 4 waltzes. The pattern is: 1) D Major; 2) G Major; 3) D Major; 4) G Major; Coda) D Major Thank you so much!
  20. I decided recently to compose a Waltz, feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks🙂 Also, yes, the beginning is not a waltz.
  21. Hello & thanks for visiting! This is my latest piano waltz called "Paris". It's my second piece in my series of waltzes dedicated to famous cities. This time I tried to utilize more chromatic and dissonant elements in my composition and to vary the chord patterns more than in the previous waltz Op.4 No.1 "Vienna". It is a rather simple and short piece that has the following form: A - B - B' - C1 - C2 - A' - B - B' A: A quiet introduction theme in c minor B: Main theme in c minor B': A more dramatic and vivid variation of B C1: First intermediate theme in c minor C2: Second intermediate theme in C major that leads over to A' A': A more dramatic and vivid variation of the introduction theme A This piece was originally composed in a piano roll. Since I'm not a trained musician and it's my second attempt in writing sheet music I want to apologize for any mistakes in the score. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment!
  22. I have written a small classical waltz for the piano in G major. It goes through a few minor changes throughout the duration of the work. Please feel free to give me any criticism at all. I am looking to improving the work (possibly posting on this thread an improved version later). I will not describe my intentions because then it tells you what to imagine (same reason to why I do not name my compositions). Thank you for your time.
  23. This is my first real post here, and I thought I'd start with a simple little ternary waltz. Little Waltz in E-flat minor (2).mp3 Little Waltz in E-flat minor (2).pdf
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