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Old, old member returns, presenting my premiere album of live original classical music: "The Great War Sextet - Canadian War Poetry with Trombone & Strings"


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Dear composers,

Many, many years ago, since the 2000's, i joined this site.  Just last week, reminiscing, I checked to see if my password still worked.  It has.

I am absolutely impressed that, considering how many old websites--I'm thinking Geocities and the old about.com MIDI composers exchange--have gone the way of the dinosaurs, this community is continuing to flourish.  When I joined, I was just a naive kid who wanted to make friends and share some music.  Now, I'm a teacher with over seven years of university time behind me, a marriage of four years.

I have no idea if the old guard remembers me, since I'm talking so long ago.

As life would have it, there are many things one faces that can turn attention away from art.  Illness, personal and financial struggles, and so many other things.  When we are young, we often forget just how lucky we are to grow and experiment and focus our attention on just creating and having fun.

Over the last year, entering my thirties, I had the game changing opportunity and privilege to be able to finance two concerts and an album release of original classical music.  I had never had the opportunity to work with musicians of such calibre, ever.  Prior to this, it's been years since I've had a considerable amount of my music performed or shared.  I was very sad.

For your consideration, I'd like to reintroduce myself to this community.  Hi, I'm Ben.

For your listening pleasure, available on ITunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp, I would like to share with you, dear readers, the result of five years of on-again off-again labours of love, now that I've turned 32 today:

"The Great War Sextet: Canadian War Poetry with Trombone & Strings."



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Welcome back, you'll surely find a lot of people in here willing to help/discuss music/etc. 

Nice to hear your story! Good to know things are taking a good turn for you.

I couldn't listen to all of your music yet, as there is quite a good ammount of it, but I will do asap.


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