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Mozart's Symphony 42 fragment.

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This is a reconstruction of the first movement of Mozart’s Symphony 42. The manuscript was discovered under the sound board of an old harpsicord sent in for restoration. As is well known, Mozart was always hiding his manuscripts as he knew Salieri was always sniffing around nicking his tunes but this manuscript was thought lost.

The manuscript appears to be a rough draft. There are inconsistencies in the musical style.  A diary note left by Mozart tells us why. Approximately translated from German it reads: “After a harrowing half hour with my teetotal publisher I had lunch with Donizetti in Sleazy Ed’s Timetravel café next to Die Letzte Möglichkeit (Last Option) Bordello down Vienna High Street. He wants to borrow my coloratura and mistress for his new opera, the Magic Fruit. I held out until he offered me 100 bottles of Schnapps. But for the Apfelstrudel being too salty it was a pleasant lunch. We exchanged many ideas. I like his style so I may entertain some of his ideas in this new symphony. He’ll think I lifted them from his Lucia, a nice piece. A shame that we’re too early for films. He’d be rich. We both would. He also smells better than Brahms who has birds nesting in that horrid beard. Brahms is always complaining about how that ivory-tickler B. Toven left him redundant. Gaetano and I laughed over Brahms challenging me to billiards. The man really doesn’t know what to do with his balls. Gaetano has promised to send the recipe for Neapolitan Sixths which I can’t wait to add into the symphony.”

©Dr P Yano

So here is the reconstruction. Performed by the Sinfonia Cacophonica of Burana.

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