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Invention in f# minor


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Two-part invention. My first "serious" invention written after analysis of Bach's two-part inventions.

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Very nice!

  • m. 1 - 5 - Exposition (stating your main F# minor motive twice an octave apart)
  • m. 6 - 13 - 1st Episode (sequencing a modified version of your motive and ending in A major)
  • m. 14 - 19 - 2nd Exposition (restating your main motive now in A major twice an octave apart)
  • m. 20 - 23 - 2nd Episode (sequencing through B minor, D major and ending on an F#7 chord)
  • m. 24 - 26 - Middle Entry of the motive (in B minor)
  • m. 27 - 36 - 3rd Episode (introducing a new 32nd note figure and sequencing through B minor, C major, and ending on a G#7 chord)
  • m. 37 - 38 - Middle Entry of the motive (in C# minor)
  • m. 39 - 41 - 4th Episode (sequencing into F# minor)
  • m. 42 - 44 - Middle Entry of the motive (in F# minor)
  • m. 45 - 50 - 5th Episode (sequencing from F# minor back to F# minor)
  • m. 51 - 60 - Final Recapitulation (staying in F# minor with a slight deceptive cadence at the end before resolving finally in F# minor)

Overall a very enjoyable invention!  Hope to hear more in the future.  Thanks for the music.

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