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Textbook on the technicity of late classical/romantic styles

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Hello everyone.

I wanted to learn counterpoint, and I have tried out different resources, and finally settled for a book I find great called "Counterpoint in the style of J.S. Bach" by Thomas Benjamin. I personnaly find its approach much more enjoyable, clear and efficient than the Fux treatise that is still so widely recommended.

Studying a precise style (here, Bach's) as a guideline seems to me like a great way to understand how the "tools" we're learning are actually used in music and what kind of effect they create. Although Bach seems like a great starting point pedagogically because he's so consistent and "technical", it is definitely not my personal favorite.

Therefore, my question is the following: do you know of any great resource that takes a similar approach but, instead teaches the technicity behind the style of the late classical period (specifically Beethoven) or romantic period? After some time of practise with the Bach's textbook, I would love to study those periods more in depth, guided by a coherent textbook 🙂 

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