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Deceptive Cadence


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My teacher and I analysed different examples of Deceptive Cadences and how they are used structurally.
I thought that I already knew a lot about it, but apparenlty there is much more to it.

I find that very useful, so if you do too have a look here.

We are using terms from Caplin's Analyzing Classical Form: an Approach for the Classroom.

P.S. I hope this is the correct forum to post it.

Deceptive Cadence.jpg

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Uh, how is a motion to I6 a deceptive cadence? I myself would call that an IAC(Imperfect Authentic Cadence), specifically an Inverted IAC. Sure it implies further motion, but it's the tonic and there is still that circle of fifths motion type of feel with V7 -> I6. V7 -> iii on the other hand, I could see that as a deceptive cadence.

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