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A short experimental piece not in the usual galant style.






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Nice!  I like how you're expanding your style and experimenting a little with this piece.  I find the sudden fast alberti bass a little comical - the change to 16th notes is a little abrupt.  Also, in the very beginning there is a slight rhythmic illusion in effect when I don't have a context as to which notes are strong beats and which ones are weak.  I heard the first G you have as a pick up note to the F# being on the beat which threw me off when I got to m. 5.  A way to fix that is to put an accent on the G - if an actual pianist were playing this they would probably do that just naturally and probably decrescendo as the bar moved on always giving the greatest emphasis on the first beat.  This sounds like you're expanding your skills.  Well done!

EDIT:  I also just noticed that your title says "Allegro in C" when this piece is clearly in G???

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