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The Baptism of Jesus (for organ)


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This is a piece I started on in Fall, 2020. I sort of forgot about it for a time because a different project took priority for me. However, I want to make a few final changes to this and call it a completed piece. One of the changes will be the title: I plan to call the piece simply "Baptism". This was suggested by my organ teacher. He said it would help to make the piece seem more useful to a church organist as it could be used for any topic relating to baptism in general, not just the baptism of Jesus. I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions for the piece, as I am about to start revising it. 




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It's fascinating seeing a piece written idiomatically for the organ for the first time; I hadn't considered all the timbres possible, the 'orchestration' of the music so to speak. It's a useful educational tool in that sense. There were several nice touches I liked like the bass entry in bar 24, and generally the effective changes in texture throughout the piece, right up to the slow ending. The harmonic choices for the piece I will admit were not what I was expecting considering that this is to be played in a place where tonal hymns are the norm, but I may be missing some context behind the harmonic choices... anyway, good piece, and thanks for posting!

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