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Piano Improvisation


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On 2/8/2021 at 2:05 PM, DeL said:



before coming here to this post i had been contemplating a certain series of incidents in my life, emotional ones, you know the drill. and then i hit play and your music washes out over me and nicely captured the current state of my mind, saying we all have tough times, its part of the process called life, persevere and one day the hope and dreams hinted at in these tones can be, will be, yours. ah, beauty and life, do not, you cannot and will not fail us now!

this is not to say that the ideas mentioned above are inherent in this piece but only that i perceived them in myself as a result of this piece and those are two different things. i point this out to address in a small way the continuing debates in the stacks about what music consists of, what it is isnt cannot and perhaps actually IS. maybe i am pointing out something that is blatantly obvious but i think it is good to be as precise as possible when speaking of these things.

on a purely music-critique level: nice melodies and harmony, very assured. the synth and virtual strings treatment was perfectly all right but i imagine this piece would come off even better with a more advanced virtual instrument treatment,

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Thanks for the description, I'm glad that my composition manages to make people aware of their feelings and emotions. I just played what was on my mind,  as i felt in that moment. I agree that the song could be better with the right set of instruments and knowledge, but I'm just a beginner, maybe over time i could do better. Have a nice day. 

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