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Hey everyone! I'm a novice composer, so critiques are much appreciated! Thanks for listening!


Here's the sheet music for my composition.

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  • Overall this is a fun little piece, you clearly understand the essence of what a prelude and fugue is meant to be. 👍
    • The prelude is fun. the metric feels contemporary and clean, using (2+2+2+3) time was unique. I like that you were confident in your writing for it. Also ending with a quartal harmony made it feel very contemporary.
    • I can't say too much on the fugue since I don't have a very deep knowledge on baroque music. Although I felt you were less confident in your writing compared to the prelude-I think that there was a lot less direction with the harmony which made it feel unsure. 
      • On my first listening I think I heard parallel octaves in m46. in voice 1 and 3. I'll have to take another look to skim for any voice leading slipups.
      • I was a little surprised when I didn't hear a third voice come in at m42, it is a bit of a jump for the second voice (maj 11 interval)

PS: I think I'm going to try writing a fugue now, you've inspired me 🙂

EDIT: have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugue#Musical_outline, I completely forgot that fugues have an actual structure 😛image.thumb.png.6899da116bd286420ecc891f4964975d.png 

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