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Nocturne n°3 in Eb M

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Hello everyone,

here is a video of a nocturne i created this afternoon. This composition is special to me because during this year, I stopped writing music (I had a sort of fear of the blank page). I couldn't write something since last october. This morning I woke up being inspired and here is this nocturne. This is not very special and not my best composition but I like it. Tell me what you think of it.


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Great use of the different registers of the piano to create a different texture.  Also, your fioratura is well constructed and performed reasonably well in terms of the humanization.  The melody is simple but sweet.  Great use of the parallel minor 7th sonority in the contrasting section and some superb two-handed figurations that created rhythmic interest (meas. 37).  Thanks for sharing!

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