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Wie führe ich eine harmonische Analyse eines Chorals durch?


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Liebe*r Komponist*innen,

ich muss eine harmonische Analyse von Bachs BWV 4 (Christ lag in Todesbanden) - Versus 7 schreiben.

Hier ist der Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubWCRXefVTw

Ich habe Kenntnisse in Harmonielehre und Akkordanalyse mit römischen Ziffern. Wie kann ich eine harmonische Analyse schreiben?

Könntet ihr mir bitte einige Tipps geben? Danke im Voraus,


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Dear Composers,

i have to write a harmonic analysis of Bach's BWV 4.

Here's the link (LINK)

I have knowledge of harmonic theory using roman numeral degrees. How do I write the analysis?

Can you please give me some tips? Thank you in advance.

Identify the cadences first. If you're using Funktionsanalyse (which you should if you're doing a harmony analysis, Stufentheorie isn't ideal for this except for a select few exceptions), you just need to identify where the dominant chords are. So, you're looking to identify all diminished chords and anything that has a minor 7th. Then look for what comes right after and start mapping out what's happening. After you have all the dominant -> tonic relationships notated, then check for the other chords. They need to fit within the tonal regions the cadences are moving in.


Important is telling the difference between dominants that have to do with the actual key you're in and modulation, and dominants that are "in between" (Zwischendominanten.) There's also a chance that there's no functional analysis for a few things (there are instances of things like D -> S, for example) which arise out of the way counterpoint creates the harmonies, tho chorales are amongst the most "vertical" of baroque compositions, specially Bach's.

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