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Theme in A-sharp with 10 variations

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It´s a while ago since I posted something new. Here is a piece which I just finished. It  was quite fun to write this, and maybe I will extend it with some more variations.

I would be very interested to know what you think of it. 


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Thanks for sharing this, Johan.  I've listened to it a couple of times over the past few days and find it to be very well-written. The thematic content doesn't capture me, but that's largely on account of personal taste, not the quality of the theme or the writing. It has, for me, a style reminiscent of Schubert, using early Romantic period harmony with Classical era phrasing and articulation conventions.

The only significant musical criticism I have is that the work is left sounding incomplete at the end of the final variation. A combination of factors lead to a strong sense that the work should continue. Perhaps that was your intention? Since you mentioned you were thinking of extending it, I'd personally think that's a good idea. I wouldn't add too much more, but a more conclusive variation to end would make it more effective to me. I also thought that continued arpeggiation in the LH for the first two beats of bar 79 may work better, as many of the variations end with a sustained chord involving both hands (and it works well in all those other cases).

Beyond that, there are just some minor details in the score, none of which are significant issues. Hope this helps!

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