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Music Jotter Score

Music Jotter - My First Piece by chopin

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to provide an update on a software I have been working on.  Awhile back, I created this topic outlining a new easy to use music notation editor, but for Microsoft Windows.  A lot of people were enthusiastic about the development.  The software was released in 2018 as a full product, but it just did not feel complete to me.  As a person who did not raise any money for this project, I realized I had to take a different approach.  So in 2019 I started remodeling Music Jotter from scratch, and built it for web integration.  You can see the power of this application right in this post.  I can make updates to the score, and this post will reflect those updates.

I feel that this new iteration of Music Jotter is a big direction in the right step towards cloud integration.  It takes the original concept I had in mind which is to create a powerful and an easy to use music notation software, but make it accessible right in the browser.  This time, I am looking to raise some money so I can hire a developer in order to help me push this software into production.  If you are interested in this project, my Kickstarter campaign is here:

Kickstarter Campaign

Don't forget to click on the "Notify me on launch" button.

In return you will receive a discount of this product in the form of a promise.  This promise will waive the monthly subscription fees to all my supporters when this product is released.  If you are eager to join a community of Music Jotter enthusiasts, please join my group here, where you will receive updates from me about this project:

Facebook Group

And finally, take a look at my latest commercial for this software, and notice how flexible it is.  Remember, this is all online, and if I do receive enough support, I fully plan on releasing this as a standalone application for Windows, Linux and Mac.


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