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Vicevlavi mvt. 1. Playtime for Violin and Cello

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1. Playtime link

This is the first movement of six for a string quartet. The entirety of the piece is based on the relationship of four siblings as they grow up, each instrument representing a sibling. The first movement is the birth of the two eldest, hence it being simply a duet. I would love feedback on it and how to make it better. Is it too short? Does it end too abruptly? Does it need more of a recurring theme or melody than it has?

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I like the ideas you have and the imitation between the two siblings that eventually ends in unison.  I don't know if your program allows you to do this but your A#'s should actually be Bb's - it looks like your piece is mostly in F major (or maybe ending in D minor?) so having a single flat key signature might be appropriate.  What I also noticed is that you have many hanging hairpins in your score which aren't actually performed.  Putting destination dynamics on all those hairpins would be that much more enjoyable for the listener who would get to hear all the changes in loudness, which btw, the dynamics that you do already have that I could hear were pretty awesome and gave much depth to your music so I think those were a great idea.  As to what I think you could improve besides the dynamics - varying the tempo a bit might be appropriate.  Some of the 16th note figures you have go by too quickly to be fully perceived and savored.  Those are just my thoughts on it.  Thanks for sharing and keep composing!

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