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Found 25 results

  1. I'm composing this piece for a challenge where the challenge is to compose a romantic piece(romantic in the sense of love, not necessarily the era). What I think about when I think about romantic love is a complicated process that starts with sudden desire(pickup in momentum in the cello leading to harmonization in sixths is what I did to try to get that across), a friendly stage with exchanges, a lot like a friendship but deeper(this is what I'm at now in my piece, an exchange of 2 motives between the flute's motive from the first theme and a second motive in the cello, like 2 people exchangi
  2. This is a piece I started composing last night after listening to String Duo for Violin and Cello in D major by Haydn. I felt like composing a piece in B minor for some reason, don't know why, maybe because I haven't really used B minor all that much in 3 years of composing. But as I started listening to it, it sounded more to me like a slow second movement than an isolated work. But what piece would have a slow movement in a minor key outside of the exceptions like Moonlight Sonata where the slow movement is the first movement and suites where the key relations aren't necessarily close?
  3. https://flat.io/score/5ef0da584830d811e3e3737a-a-world-of-ecstasy
  4. Hey one of my next projects is a 3 voiced Fugue for two violins. could someone give me a quick rundown on how effective double stopping is in violin writing. EG how easy or difficult it is to move scales in thirds fourth etc Great much appreciated.
  5. Good evening! Here is a short woodwind duet in sonata form I wrote a few years ago with a new video on YouTube, hope you like it! YouTube video
  6. A short piece for violin and piano 🙂 Sounds very classical. I also got a little limited by my poor knowledge of keyboards… One has to practice … 😉
  7. Hi forum 🙂 A short attempt at a duet between a tuba and a violin...Duo pour tuba et violon.pdf
  8. Hi all 🙂 Just wanted to give it a try to a duet between a recorder and a cello... Here it is ☺️
  9. I like to introduce myself with poems. And a cape. But nobody can see my cape here so just forget I said anything. It is not malice, that the Gods should reward our prayers with mere images- for they must draw shadow hearts aloft, hearts that must die, hearts that stir in images only, hearts for which no vision at last fulfilled might prove inspiring, and want to glimmer only around the edges of things. It is not malice, that the gods please our hearts and not our souls, unless one speaks to the gods from their soul, and most souls do not pray, and hardly speak at all for th
  10. Staying in Prague (which is in the heart of Europe), I used the Romani people and their culture as inspiration for this very short piece, that is in a dance-like character. I was approached by a Gypsy soothsayer whilst here, and this encounter inspired me to write music. The material is short and concise, and it borrows influence from Central European nomads as such. I'd love to hear your input and enjoy!
  11. Here is a violin duet that I have written.
  12. Hey, guys! I just finished work on the first movement of a new sonata, this time for oboe and piano; it was a quick two days. I was first planning a piano sonata, but I shifted my mind over to a duet like this instead, a form in which I enjoy writing the most. The sonata, I plan, will have three movements, and this is only the first. It has several main key areas/significant harmonies, and all of them are in mm. 30- 31. This is a piece with a story-without-words, with many motifs depicting the motions and movements of the eponymous frogs and of flowing and dripping water. While much
  13. This is a work I've been looking at on and off for a few months now. It began its life as the opening few bars in my head for a week until I wrote them down. I decided that I wanted to try and write a very light-hearted and maybe (hopefully) occasionally humorous piece, while still keeping it interesting and musically varied. It's quite clearly very 'Candide'-inspired, but I tried to take it in my own direction as well. I'm also using this piece for another subject at uni, where I have to write an essay about some aspect of critical practice, and I'm talking about humour in music in general, a
  14. This is the third and final movement of my Suite for Violin Duet.
  15. This is the second movement of a suite for violin duet, after The Butterfly Dance.
  16. This is a violin duet that I have written. I found the first four bars written down while looking through my manuscript paper on New Year's Day and I decided to extend it. This is written for two violins so that I can play it with my grandad. Sorry for the bad audio quality, it is a recording of me playing it on the keyboard.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcvyoP7D_x0&t=15s This is one small example of my work for chamber music.I hope yours criteria about my little piece.Regards to always.
  18. If anyone feels like a puzzle and has time, I'd love some help. I don't have the theory background to be able to define what I'm doing here other than "it's jazzy." I believe I've got a bit of Dorian in there. Probably some harmonic minor and melodic minor. And some stuff that can just be considered chromaticism and notated however it makes the fiddle-y bits easiest to read. If I could confidently pin down a key or mode for the major sections, I'd be able to figure out which accidentals are sharps vs. flats, but right now I'm not too confident. (Hides head in shame from all the pia
  19. This is my second piece I'm posting here. I started working on it when I was at a bit of a writer's block with regards to my quintet piece, then took a short break from it to finish my quintet off, and then finally finished it off a little under a month ago. This one is much more melodic and structured compared to my previous composition, and I tried to focus on having it be less complex and rather more beautiful and open to interpretation/expressiveness. The idea in my head while writing this piece was, as cliche as it is, love. Movement 1 represents a blossoming love, Movement 2 represents t
  20. I was recently invited to participate in a festival in Yerevan, Armenia for which I wrote this piece. It was inspired by the artwork of Nana Aramyan (which you can see in the background of the video) and performed by guitarists Joao Lima of Portugal and Lilit Maridyan of Armenia! Hope you enjoy the work! If anybody is interested, a similar event will be held in London and there will be an opportunity for composers to submit new works. Feel free to ask for details! Alex
  21. Guest

    Opus 7-1 and 7-2

    Opus 7-1(Allegro misterioso) and Opus 7-2(Moderato grandioso) sonata written for piano and harpsichord(part three coming soon). Opus 7-1.mp3 Opus 7-2.mp3
  22. Hi there, I am composing a duet for viola and guitar, and have some queries regarding voicing possiblities etc, as well as virtuosity in passages. It can be notated as I have it, or it could be notated in semiquavers, the bpm is 175 for a crotchet. Here is a link to the score on youtube. Tnks in advance for any advice etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oupfeUaWDpo
  23. My favorite violinist will be graduating from high school in May and going off to conservatory. We've played together for years, and now we're looking for the most beautiful pieces ever written for violin and piano for our final concert together. Perhaps YOU have written or will write such a beautiful piece! The details about this competition are here: http://virtualartists.com/profiles/blogs/simply-stunning-composition-competition Good luck - hope you will join us! --Julie Harris Composition Teacher
  24. For works for a piano plus another instrument, such as a violin or cello sonata/trio, do you usually give each individual player parts, or do you give them the full score so that they can see what each player is doing?
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