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Hans Zimmer styled chase theme soundtrack

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Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

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I would say that the synth patches are too "vanilla" and not aggressive/dark enough for the Zimmer thing.

Also, when your second synth came in, is the part where I'd expect the first taikos or other big drums to come in. But your piece is lacking percussion entirely.

That's probably the single biggest thing holding back the sense of urgency. Def needs percussion. Hans pretty much always uses a constant "ticking" sound in these sorts of tracks, usually on sticks or an actual watch or clock ticking as well. I'd definitely go about adding in some of that.

Also, the overall texture is just too dry. You need more sustained elements (pads) in the background and the track needs more of a sense of building up to some finale rather than essentially being a loop. I'm not sure what the sound that comes in at 1:12 is but it's annoying tbh. I would give it something more interesting to play, or push it farther into the background with more reverb.

One last thing. You might also consider adding in a shepherd tone to build urgency, as that's been Zimmer's big thing in the last few years.

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@AngelCityOutlaw Thanks for your valuable feedback. I really appreciate you took your time to figure out my flaws 🙂

I haven't added percussion coz I don't have great software to do music composition, this was entirely done on garageband with most minimal instruments. I understand Hans uses a lot percussions. 

Yes, ticking sound is always is his music since dunkirk I suppose. 

Oh that's the trumpet sound, I wanted to use the trombone initially but I added it at the end to give it support. I guess trumpets don't suit this soundtrack, I will change it.

Yes, I have heard of shepherd's tone, ofcourse I need to understand how to use it in my music, I need to learn it before I use it. 

But thanks again, for you advice. 🙂

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