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Fugue in G minor No. 11

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For the last couple evenings I have invested most of my energy into finishing this fugue, which as shown below the title is coupled with an aphorism in Spanish, my native language: "Cuando cae el respeto a la muerte, decae la vida misma", which, leaving aside metaphorical extension, would roughly translate into English as "When respect to death is lost, so degenerates life." Even though said aphorism wasn't the main inspiration for this piece, I thought it was a nifty addition given the fatigue and withering emotions it was intended to wake on the listener.

Since it is difficult for me to describe the nuances of this one as strictly "enjoyable", I guess the most appropriate closing expression for this one would perhaps be "feel existential" or something on those lines.

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I think this fugue would stand to gain much musicality from a real performance.  I think it is in fact quite enjoyable (for me it's especially lucid for the first 17 bars which are quite coherent in terms of the episodic and sequential developments you fashion).  I also like the last 3 bars.  Somewhere in the middle in there when you modulate to F minor I feel like that shift takes me out of the pleasurable listening experience and I instead am focused on the surprise of being in an unexpectedly distant key.  But overall I liked this one.  Thanks for sharing!

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