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solo for wind instrument (unfinished)

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I have lately made this kind of things - Solo + accompanient. There is a soloist line for flute,oboe or clarinet or other wind that can be played ad libitum. The lowest note is meant to be C.  And there are only few bars accompanient that i have sketched. The melody is still sligthly finding its place.


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I like this idea, and you'll learn a lot by focusing on melody over a simple harmony. I feel like so many aspiring composers want to wow people with the powerful filmy type of orchestra sounds, when really you'll become a much better writer doing these types of pieces. I like the jaunty diatonic melody, it keeps it interesting to hear Stravinsky rhythms and all that.

I will say, however, that if you almost sporadically placed rests in your melody it would make it sing more. It would have more life to it with breaths in between the flurry of notes. Look for phrasing. Mozart wasn't wrong when he said rests are more important than notes.

I think there's still an unfinished sub forum for pieces still in the works; you might have more people notice this one if they're specifically aiming to help those in need of ideas for works in progress.

Keep me updated, love the start!

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Like Thatguy says, it's a good idea but it may be worth considering a couple of points - just my reaction though so take no notice if you're happy with the way things are to date.

i) it seems to stay in the same basic tonality/key throughout. To me it was elaborating around just the home key when I would have welcomed a change, maybe reverting to the original toward the end.

ii) the bursts of florid notes give the impression of noodling around rather than letting a basic melody sing though. Is it possible to cut them back a bit? Can you slow down the playback so you can critically work out which "extra" notes are necessary and not?

iii) I also agree with Thatguy in that a few rests would let the tune breathe - rests rather than pausing on longer notes. Probably when you develop the accompaniment, phrasing may fall into place more easily. 

So...carry on. It's definitely an idea worth developing.

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If i try to play it with flute, i also play it much much slower tempo. I do slightly other kind of ornamentation or phrasing 
than what is in the notes now. at the beginning I would stay longer in long notes or after the phrases. I would stay slightly longer in second and fourth beat of first bar and so on. then i aim and stay in bar 6 in that long note, and so on.
I could actually place fermata or pause markings in those notes where i stay, i have done that in one other piece.
I have to think next whether i write out the real ornamentation what i play with flute, which may be a good idea and makes the piece less mechanical.

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