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Trio Sonata in A major


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Trio sonata in A major written in the italian school for two violins and basso continuo.

1. Grave

2. Allegro (fuga)

3. Andante - fuga - andante

4. Vivace (fuga)

Movement 2, 3 and 4 are very free in form, allmost as free counterpoint with mutiple sections.

Please tell me what you think



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First movement: nothing much to say apart that I like to listen to the kind of music it's similar to a lot.

Second movement: okay the pauses and the kind of ascending ostinato are really something that I enjoyed and I think they're very solid. After that I still like it ofc.

Third movement: I love M124-M136, when the B.C. starts to move a little more, and the fugue, oh yeah I do enjoy going through these pieces, thank you. I also like that you reuse the "pauses" section you created in the second movements. I find this movement the most solid and best composed of the four, thus my favourite one.

Fourth movement: The tempo and the way it develops at its beginning gives me the feeling of a conclusion that it's not exactly preserved to me but possibly this is no issue to me because the result is beautiful, still the third is my favourite movement of your piece. There's a longer ascending pattern, like a mature version of the one presented in the second movement.

It was a pleasure to go through this piece. I'm listening to it again, this was only the first play. 

Kind regards,

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