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Oh, if my sadness (Orchestration)

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Hats off. I have not listened to the piano version but I am pretty sure this orchestration work amplifies it (I couldn't find a recording but I just made a google search, I will try my luck later on YT). Orchestration is my biggest flaw in the composing world, and seeing understandable works like yours motivates me to try orchestrating some piece (mine or not) this summer. 

I have also read your blog posts (related to this specfic piece), your analysis was very insightful!

Kind regards,


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Wow Luis, You have put so much effort into this score. We can only applaud your persistance succeeding in this kind. However, at the same time I have a hard time convincing myself that it sounds good. I don’t know if it is the virtual instruments that does that but already at the third measure of the score the harmonization starts to clash and it goes on and on periodically with other instruments for example on measure 8, 12 etc. Nevertheless, I suspect that some notes are wrongly harmonized in your score. Also, the original piano piece is romantic and the pianists are usually playing it with a lot of expressivity by slowing down and accelerating, which was completely evacuated in your score such that now it sounds like a march to the glory of Stalin. When I first listened to your recording I thought it was an attempt to orchestrate like P.D.Q. Bach but hopefully you did not go that far but still too close.




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