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Beauty Rises From The Ashes

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Hi everyone!

Here is my latest piece.

Inspired by others on this site, I decided to attempt something more atonal than my previous works.

I wanted it to sound cinematic and suspenseful; but you can be the judge whether I succeeded!

I don't have much going on in the bass register for much of the piece: so wondered if I should add a cello drone or something else in the bass clef?

The problem I find, is the bass notes totally change the character of the harmonies above, and they sound less pleasing to the ear.

Haven't made a score for it yet; but may try to produce a temporary one later.

Not quite sure about the title. Another option I thought of was "Beautiful Fear".



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Alex, you have some very nice ideas/effects etc., in this work.  You create an ominous  mood - which is perfect for a horror movie.  As I listened I created a story to go along with the sound track.  My only suggestion is that the various musical scenes jump about for my taste too much ... I think a more clearly stated series of thematic ideas developed and spread throughout the work would better hold together the work.  Overall, an interesting listening piece which does provoke the imagination.


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I think this is more chromatic than atonal, but it doesn't matter. 

I agree that there are "many things" in four minutes and a half. Interesting. Not all parts suit only for a horror movie (that's the stigma of atonality ?)

Edited by Luis Hernández
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Really pleased you both liked it!

Probably should've called the piece dissonant rather than atonal.

Agree it doesn't always flow as well as it might.
The work grew organically as I wrote it, with each passage developing from the previous one.
I though of it like a conversation between different sections of the orchestra.
Maybe I unconsciously created a fractured structure, to match the unsettling nature of the music.

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