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hello everyone, this is my new piece combined classical and modern together, piano music is the leading role, it mixed with concrete music as well, hope you like it!

the video: 【微分音钢琴】作品5之6 无标题_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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  • cloud10000 changed the title to Op5 Nr6 my new result in microtonal piano research

I'll give this a go.

The Microtones

I think the microtones really give this piece an "out of tune" piano charm.  I can imagine, if this piece was sequenced and had better piano samples, it would sound sick.  The thing is, to make it sound more realistic, you'd have to keep the microtones consistent throughout.  But, realism probably wasn't your goal here! 

The Sound Effects

As someone who experiences ASMR, this piece gave the unintentional effects of ASMR, at least to me.  Ear to ear sounds tend to do that.  Not sure if it will be everyone's cup of tea, but honestly the sound effects didn't bother me or they weren't that intrusive of the actual music itself.

Sequencing Tips

I'm someone who really believes in nuancing his music, because it can really transform a piece of music into something spectacular.  I may create a post on this, but since I am taking the time to comment on this piece, I may as well link you to my little discussion around nuancing.  Take a look if you want, I offer some ideas on how to nuance your music (which is a tedious process unfortunately).

Breakdown of what I had to listen for

I had to listen to the piece a few times because there were so many things to listen for:

  • The ASMR sound effects 😁
  • The microtones
  • The quality of your sequencing (which isn't bad!)
  • The actual composition itself

The Composition Itself

As far as the piece itself goes, you have a clear main theme, and 2 secondary themes (with some joiner music as I call it) and derivatives of your main theme which is fantastic.  I love hearing that stuff in the music I listen to.  For example, at 4:20 I like the derivative of the main theme, it sounds very sonata-esqe, and reminds me of how Chopin used an awesome derivative of his Sonata 3 which is reminiscent of his main theme of his first movement.  So the fact that this section reminded me of that is no joke!

At 2:55 were you inspired by Beethoven?  Just curious!

Overall this is really a creative piece, and I like the microtones because it reminds of me an out of tune piano.  Not so sure about the pitch changes on a piano, but hey, that doesn't really take away from the composition itself so, who am I to complain about that.  This is a well done piece of art.

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I believe you achieved a nice balance between traditional composition and microtonal composition + sound effects. As chopin said I don't feel those sound effects intrusive and you do not abuse of them. On the contrary, its use is precise and fits completely in the piece in my opinion. You actually create "natural" tension in my mind while other microtonal pieces I have listened to in the past completely failed in that regard and really only achieved that distinctive "detuned" sound. What software do you use to actually put the sound effects in the score?, it's so epic!

I also wanted to note the fact that tonal parts are very well made in my opinion too.

The video is great too! Gonna share it with some friends in QQ if you don't mind :).

Kind regards,


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