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Concerti Italiani XIV "La luce"


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This is concerto no. XIV of my Italian concertos for violin, strings and b.c. This piece was written back in october 2015 in the venetian tradition, i have made some very minor chages in 2022.  The tile "La luce" transkates to "The light" and its written in the bright key of D-major.

1. Allegro - The light

2. Adagio - The dark

3. Allegro - The light

Please tell me what you think.


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Hey!  This isn't just any ordinary pastiche composition!  I actually enjoyed this one the same level as I would a piece written by Vivaldi.  But it also has its own unique charm and the chord progressions are hypnotic and not typical and predictable.  Although it definitely fits within the Baroque style like you mentioned in your description.  The 1st and 3rd movements are too similar to each other imo.  I think you could have emulated the idea of "the light" in a different way or a different tempo rather than just making two movements in such a similar character.  I definitely feel like the 2nd movement is markedly different from the other two though and emulates more "the darkness".  Being consistently in a minor key and at a slower tempo gives it the feeling of a respite one would expect on a starry night.  Then the 3rd movement comes in with a strong spring in its step to signify morning coming once again.  Great job!  A truly inspired work!

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